26 ideas to get your body moving without actually working out

by May 6, 2019Healthy living

Let’s face it. We simply don’t always have the time to be working out every day. Because, you know, life happens. We are busy with our jobs, our families, our friends, or our other hobbies. You name it.

That does however not mean, that we can’t get our body moving during the day anyway!

There are plenty of ways that you can get your body moving without actually having to hit the gym.

Not only is this perfect for super busy people. It’s also great for people who just don’t like to workout or break a sweat. In this way, you get your daily dose of healthy body movement anyway!

When you’re at home

1. Whenever you go to the bathroom, go there by doing walking lunges instead of just walking.

2. When you are tidying up or cleaning the house, put on some music and throw some dance moves in.

3. If you have a garden, go out there and get some work done, such as raking leaves, mowing your lawn, or manually getting rid of weeds.

4. Whenever the commercials are on during TV shows or movies, walk around the house for a bit until they are finished.

5. Listen to your favourite pod casts or audio books while taking a walk around the neighbourhood, instead of just listening while sitting on the sofa.

6. Whenever you are on the phone, walk around the house or garden instead of just sitting still.

7. Rather than using a machine for everything, try to do things manually more often. For example: washing the dishes by hand, or hanging the laundry out to dry.

When you’re at work

8. If you have a desk job, make sure to get up at least once an hour and go for a little walk around the office or hallways.

9. If you work at a multi storey building, take the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll get used to it, I promise!

10. Drink lots of water and tea. Not only is that great to stay hydrated, but it also makes you get up more often to walk to the bathroom and back.

11. If your office allows it, get a height adjustable desk that allows you to both sit and stand behind your desk at any moment of your choosing. In that way you don’t always have to sit while working. A standing desk is great too to battle the dreadful post-lunch dip!

12. Get one of your colleagues to be your walking buddy and go for a nice walk outside during lunch hour. Find a nice bench to eat your lunch and then continue your walk again back to the office.

When you’re traveling or commuting

13. While you are waiting for the train to arrive, don’t sit down. Instead walk back and forth a little, or just stand if it’s too crowded.

14. When you’re quite a bit too early for the bus or tram, walk to the next bus or tram stop. (Only if it’s not too far of course.) Not only does this help to get your body moving, but it also saves you a bit of cash!

15. Similarly, you can also get off the bus or tram one or two stops sooner, and then walk the rest of the way.

16. For further travels: when you’re waiting for a flight, don’t just sit and wait the whole time. Instead just walk around the airport, and for instance check out some of the shops. That’s less boring than just sitting anyway!

17. When you’re taking the car for a long trip, you’ll need a few breaks here and there of course. Make use of these breaks by walking around the parking lot and doing some nice stretching exercises. That surely will make the driving more comfortable as well.

18. When you’re booking a room in a multi storey hotel, ask to get a room on one of the higher floors. And then instead of using the elevator every time, take the stairs a few times.

When you’re with your family

19. When planning activities with your family, think of something more active than going to a restaurant or the cinema every time. Go do some sightseeing, or go for a nice walk in nature, or perhaps take the bicycle to enjoy a beautiful route. Great to get some fresh air in at the same time!

20. You don’t even need to leave the house to get moving. Depending on the season, you can play in the garden with a frisbee, hula-hoop, or skipping rope. Or play things such as badminton or football/soccer. The list is endless!

21. When it’s bad weather outside, you can also do some fun family activities inside your home. For instance with the Nintento Wii. There are so many Wii games that get you moving, and it’s super fun to do together too!

When you’re running errands

22. Depending on how far you live from everything of course, try to walk or take your bicycle as often as possible. For instance when going to a shop, or to an appointment, or to the hair salon. You name it. Not only is this better for your body than always just taking the car. It also saves you gasoline money, and it’s better for the environment. Super win!

23. But sometimes you do need to take the car of course. For instance when your destination is further away or because you need to buy some heavy stuff. In that case, park the car a little further than you normally would. Great way to get in those extra steps anyway. And to get those muscles working when you are carrying the heavy stuff back to your car.

24. When you are at a shopping center or mall, take some nice detours to get in those extra steps.

25. Also, when at a shopping mall, don’t just stand still on the escalators. But walk them like normal stairs. That’s actually how they were meant to be used anyway. 😉

Extra overall idea that covers the whole day

26. This idea is my favourite, and it covers all the categories of your everyday life. The idea is to use an activity tracker, to get to 10,000 steps per day. Both my parents also love to use a tracker to get to that number. It’s a great motivator to go for an extra walk when you haven’t reached your daily goal yet. It’s kind of addictive in a sense! You’ll feel so proud when you have reached your daily goal. It also really helps you to be aware of your daily activity (or in-activity). So definitely give that a try.

Wrapping up

Of course everyone’s lives and situations are different from each other. But I’m absolutely sure that there are plenty of ideas in this list that you can start doing right away. So go get that body moving!

Do you have any other ideas to get your body moving without actually having to work out? Make sure to put it in a comment, so we can all help each other out with more ideas!

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