3 delicious and time-saving oatmeal ideas for those crazy busy mornings

by Apr 15, 2019Healthy living

We all have those crazy busy periods sometimes, when we have to get out of the door super early and can’t be bothered with preparing ourselves a nice healthy breakfast.

Now, what if I told you that there is a great solution to that problem. Two words: overnight oats.

It’s a super delicious and healthy breakfast that will only take you a few minutes to prepare the night before. And then you just let the fridge work its magic while you are sleeping. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

So the next morning, all you have to worry about is getting a spoon and enjoying your flavourful healthy oatmeal. Or if you want to take it with you, just put the jar in your bag and voila!

It doesn’t really get any easier than that. So it’s kind of like fast food, but then the healthy version. 😉

The video below shows three super delicious and easy recipes. This will especially be helpful if you are new to this concept. But once you’ve done it a few times, you can try out different ingredients and flavours. Whatever you feel like! Just try to stick to healthy ingredients if you want it to remain a healthy breakfast of course.

I just like to go with whatever I have in the house. I definitely almost always use chia seeds and a banana. But I often switch between different fruits, depending on the season and what I already have in the house.

In the video they also explain that you can do it either with water or any plant-based milk for that matter. But I personally always like to use soy milk. I just really like the taste of it, but that’s very personal of course. Go with whatever you love!

Overnight oats are by the way not only great because they save you so much time. They are also a wonderful choice for the summer season. Hot cooked oatmeal is definitely a delight on cold autumn and winter mornings. But for the hot days, I think most people (including myself) prefer a nice cold fresh oatmeal right from the fridge!

Alright, enough talking. Time to look at these amazing recipes. Please let me know in the comments which one you are going to try out first! And once you’ve tried out a few other combinations for yourself, please share your favourite recipe below as well!

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