5 super easy recipes for amazingly delicious smoothie bowls

by Mar 25, 2019Healthy living

Looking for some inspiration to try out some new delicious healthy meals?

Look no further!

I am an absolute fan of smoothie bowls. They are packed with healthy nutrients, they are delicious, and keep you full for hours. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and even for dinner.

And what’s also wonderful about them, is that you can make endless amounts of combinations, so that you’ll never get bored of them. Whatever you feel like in that moment, you can make it.

My husband and I like go to our favourite smoothie bar in Chiang Mai when we are craving a healthy fresh smoothie bowl. They offer 5 different types of smoothie bowls. And it turns out, they are nearly exactly the same as the ones that I found in a YouTube video! I’m pretty sure that video is where they got their inspiration from.

My absolute favourite is the strawberry bowl, whereas my husband always goes for the chocolate flavour. I did try the green smoothie bowl once, but I have to admit that that wasn’t my taste. It tasted quite a lot like peanut butter. And it was extremely filling (too much!). But most importantly, I just missed the sweetness, as I have a real sweet-tooth. 😉

But of course, everyone has their own preferences, so I really suggest to just give them all a try! All you really need is a blender and you’re good to go. It’s really easy to make. And for such a small effort, you get a super delicious and healthy meal in return.

Check out the video below to see what goes into the different smoothie bowls, and please let me know in the comments how you liked them!

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