6 life-changing benefits of waking up before anyone else

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So many successful people have at least one thing in common: they all wake up early. That must mean something.

I decided to try it out for myself, and I honestly can’t recommend it enough if you want to get things done in your life and change things for the better. Because I work full time, exercise a lot, have this blog to work on, and have a husband and two dogs that I want to spend time with, there just never seemed to be enough hours in the day. Until I decided to wake up earlier. I suddenly had two more productive hours every day to work on my goals and dreams. How amazing is that! Yes sure, I have to be in bed before 10pm, but the time lost in the evening would otherwise just have been spent on Netflix and doing nothing.

As you can tell, I’m really excited about waking up early. Big chance that you’ll be curious to try it out too, after you read these 6 amazing benefits of waking up before anyone else does.

1. It reduces stress and helps you start your day great

By waking up early, you don’t have to rush through everything after hitting the last possible snooze button to arrive at work in time. This can really help reduce your stress levels. If you wake up early, you have time to prepare yourself at a peaceful pace instead of being rushed, frustrated, moody, and worried about the time from the moment you wake up. If you start the day as stress-free as possible, you set yourself up for a great day to come.

2. You won’t be disturbed in the early morning

What’s so fantastic about waking up early, is that you won’t be disturbed. This is because everyone else is still asleep. Whether that’s your partner, your children, your friends, or your colleagues. They won’t bother you while they are asleep with questions, requests, texts, or calls. This time is entirely for you and you alone! No one will be demanding things from you, so this is the perfect time to self-care. You can for instance spend time on meditation and mindfulness, or sit down for some peaceful journaling. Or you can read and enjoy your morning tea in total undisturbed silence.

3. Less unexpected events and greater willpower

In the morning there are a lot less unexpected events that can happen to throw you off your game. During the day, life happens. And by the time you reach the evening you can already have so many reasons as to why you can’t make it to whatever you had planned. Such as a workout or training. Perhaps you have a headache now, or your food is bothering your stomach, or someone asked to meet up in the evening, or your boss asked you to work a little longer. It is a lot less likely to get such unexpected events in your way, if you do whatever you planned first thing in the morning. As willpower will also decrease during the day, it’s best to go for that workout when it’s still early.

4. You have extra time to do whatever you want

For me personally, this is the absolute number one reason why waking up early is so life-changing. You suddenly have 1 or 2 or 3 more hours to do whatever you want! Depending on what time you wake up of course. You can have a fantastic workout before the day even starts. Whether it’s a run in the neighbourhood, a nice yoga session at home, or hitting the gym right after they open their doors. You also have time to do meditation and journaling if that’s your thing. On top of all that, you have time to prepare yourself a delicious healthy meal for that moment, and some more to bring to work. You can do with your extra time whatever you want with it. It’s your party! Wake up early and do every morning whatever helps you reach your goals and dreams.

5. Best focus and productivity in the morning

This benefit is especially great if you have some very important tasks to do that require a lot of concentration. As your focus diminishes throughout the day, it’s best to do your hardest tasks first thing in the morning. This way, you will be able to complete your tasks much quicker than you would if you did it later in the day. If you’ll do them at all.

For me personally, my productivity goes through the roof in the early morning. I still have a fresh mind after a good night’s rest, and am still fully motivated to work on my tasks at hand. This is very much less so in the evenings, where my brain is just toast after a full day of work. For this reason I like to keep the mindless exercising for the evenings and do the hard brain tasks in the mornings. But everyone is different of course and everyone has their own priorities, so see which distribution works best for you!

6. Your sleeping quality increases

Another great benefit of waking up early is that it can really increase your sleeping quality if you do it right. You might think the opposite, because you’ll miss a few hours of sleep in the morning. But the thing is: most early birds go to bed very early in the evening. Let’s say between 9:00 and 10:00 pm. In that way they make sure they get enough hours of sleep every night. By going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, you’ll create a consistent sleep cycle which is great to increase your sleeping quality. Consistency and routine are key here! Your body will thank you.

Wrapping up

I’m sure that after reading these benefits, you’re curious to try out waking up early yourself! I really encourage you to indeed give it a go. After you’ve experienced the benefits yourself, you would want it no other way.

Of course in the beginning it can be a bit challenging, because your body needs to get used to the new routine. But after that, you’ll feel so proud of everything that you accomplish before the day even starts. You’ll feel like a superwoman and wish you knew this sooner!

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