8 meditation types to help create a more peaceful you

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“The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you”. -David Lynch

Practicing meditation provides us with all kinds of powerful benefits. Benefits that help us create a more peaceful version of ourselves. However, many people never get to experience those benefits as they are overwhelmed by meditation. Sometimes they are overwhelmed even just by the idea of meditation.

But what a lot of people don’t realize, is that there are plenty of ways to practice meditation. And what often happens as a result, is that they only try one type of meditation. And if they feel that type isn’t for them, or they feel they can’t do it, then they just quit on the idea of meditation altogether.

This is such a shame! Of course everyone is different, so not all types are going to work for you. But I promise you, there are meditation types out there for everyone. You just need to find the right fit and be patient! Meditation takes practice and time to get used to, no matter the type.

So you’re probably wondering: what kind of meditation types are out there then?

Below I’ve summarized 8 meditation types that will help you get started with your journey towards a more peaceful you.

1. Breathing

The first meditation type is great to start with. It’s also one of my favourites. We are obviously always breathing without even having to think about it. That’s how we stay alive. It can however be very calming to really focus on your breathing and become fully aware of each breath you are taking. This counts as meditating! Doesn’t sound too overwhelming, does it?

You can do many different types of breathing exercises to meditate, but you could for instance try the following: each time after breathing in, take a pause. And then after exhaling, also take a pause. Etcetera. And while you do this, become fully aware of how your belly and chest are moving when air comes in, and when air leaves the body again. It personally really helps me to get rid of distractions in my mind, and to become really focused on the here and now.

2. Full focus on 1 task

Another type of meditation to try out, is fully focusing on 1 task that you are doing. This can be very helpful to relax and calm your mind. But it’s important to really do it with 1 task only, so no multi-tasking!

You can honestly do this with any task that you’re doing. The sky is the limit! For example, I like to meditate like this when I’m doing things in and around the house. Such as: doing laundry, doing the dishes, watering the plants, cutting vegetables, etcetera.

By truly focusing on one task only, you can reduce the amount of chatter in your head. It will also help you to be more present right in that very moment.

3. Visualization

A third type of meditation that you could try, is visualization. How it works, is that you are trying to create positive thoughts and mental pictures for yourself. You can for instance visualize how you would like to see yourself in the future. Or what you would like to experience at a certain moment. Anything! But the key is to be truly positive.

As a (thai boxing) fighter, this has proven to be very valuable for me before going into the ring. I visualize the whole day: the preparations, arriving at the venue, getting ready, obviously the fight itself, and even afterwards. Every single detail. Does this mean that I will win my fights for sure? No, of course not! But it certainly helps to become much more focused, confident, and ready, because I already went through the whole process many times in my head!

And this applies to any type of situation. Perhaps for a job interview, or a super important presentation at work. I really suggest you to try it out. For any situation that you need more confidence, positivity, and focus for!

4. Listen attentively

This type of meditation is also really amazing in my opinion. The only thing that you want to focus on, is your hearing senses. So basically, it comes down to just listening to all the sounds around you, and nothing else. By listening to other sounds, it will actually help to quiet your mind and all that’s spinning around in your head.

You could really do this at any location, but for me personally, this has the most powerful and centering effect when you’re outside. And the absolute best would to be in the most natural environment possible. I truly believe that sounds of nature are the most relaxing of all, such as: the wind blowing through the trees, or water falling on rocks, or birds chirping their songs.

But I understand that this is not always available, especially for city people! So you can definitely try attentive listening out in any type of location or situation. But just don’t forget to also do it, once you find yourself in a natural surrounding! Perhaps on a holiday, or a weekend trip. 😊

5. Mindfulness

This type of meditation is quite popular. Mindfulness is about paying attention to the present moment deliberately, with curiosity, and without judgement. So if you for instance tend to dwell in the past, or often worry about the future, then this type could prove very useful to you!

I actually wrote an article earlier on how to get through your first day of mindfulness. It goes into several mindfulness exercises that you can try out as a beginner. So if you’re interested, please have a look right here!

6. Contemplation

This type of meditation is a little bit different. When people usually think of meditation, they think about the types where you try to think as little as possible. But with this type it’s actually the opposite! When meditating like this, you are using the power of your thoughts to contemplate thoughts, ideas, or words.

As an example, you can for instance contemplate the deeper meaning of happiness. You can do this by thinking about the idea of happiness in your mind. Try to contemplate what happiness feels like, what kind of vibrations it has, and try to really use your thoughts on what happiness really means to you. To really get those deeper insights. You can do this with any idea, thought, or word really! It’s actually pretty cool how powerful this meditation can be to relax the mind. So please don’t skip trying this one!

7. Repeating a mantra

This type of meditation might not be for everyone, but you’ll never know until you’ve tried it! Even if it sounds a bit silly to you at first, just give it a chance and see if it does something for you.  

The idea is to repeat a mantra (or a sound) over and over again. Either in your head or out loud. That’s completely up to you. It’s obviously also up to you which mantra you choose. In any case, try to choose a mantra that really resonates with you and something that really speaks to you. An example, to just to give you an idea, could be: “I am worthy, just the way I am”, or “I can do anything that I put my mind to” or, “today I have the courage to chase my dreams”, or “my heart is filled with joy”. Instead of a sentence, you can also use one word such as “love”, or a sound such as “Om”.

Mantras that I for instance repeat to myself before or during a fight, are for instance “Just do it. Don’t care. It’s only 15 minutes”. Or the famous: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. And: “You’re not really tired, it’s all in your head”. I’m telling you, that stuff is powerful! 

8. Guided meditation

The last type of meditation that I’ll go into for now is guided meditation. The name speaks for itself: it’s a type of meditation where you are guided. Either by someone in person, or from a recording. It can either be guidance through music and sounds, or through verbal instruction, or even a combination. This type of meditation is designed to help you calm your mind and find inner peace.

I’ve tried it a few times in a group session when I was a bit younger. As a complete beginner, it was quite hard to stay focused the whole time, but it was also quite fun and relaxing to be able to enter this fantasy world in my mind! It’s quite amazing how one teacher guiding us with the same words, could bring us all to a very different place in our minds.

Of course doing it in a group is just one way to do it. You can also do it by yourself at home. The Internet is full with guided meditations!

Final note:

As has become clear by now, there are many different types of meditation. And they can all help to create a more peaceful you. I suggest that you try them all out to see what’s the best fit for you.

But like I mentioned earlier: please be patient! Just practice each of them for a while and in that way uncover which type(s) resonate best with you personally.

And please let me know in the comments if there is a specific meditation type that you would like to know more about, and I will put it on my writing list for you!

Lastly, make sure to check out my blog post on how to start a morning meditation routine (no matter the type)!

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