Juicing or blending: which one is better for you?

by Jun 4, 2019Healthy living

Nowadays, smoothie shops and juice bars can be found around every street corner, no matter where you go!

That’s not very surprising either, given the massive popularity of these health drinks.

Also here in Chiang Mai, there are just too many of these shops and bars to count. Our favourite is Khunkae’s Juice Bar in the city center. They have a large variety of super fresh smoothies, juices and shots (plus smoothie bowls, yum!).

But when it comes to choosing between a smoothie and a juice, people often don’t know the difference. As much as they love their healthy drinks, they are confused as to which one of the two would be a better choice for them. Apart from the different taste and texture of course. 😊  

If you’re also not sure whether juicing or blending would be a better choice for you, then make sure to read along!


First things first: when I’m talking about juicing I am NOT referring to buying yourself a bottle of juice in the supermarket, as they are often loaded with processed sugars and artificial ingredients. When I talk about juicing, I mean that you’re taking whole fruits and vegetables and then (after cutting them) putting them in a juicing machine, aka a juicer.  

Juicing whole fruits and vegetables comes with plenty of benefits. What it basically comes down to, is that a juicer pulls out all the minerals and vitamins from these fruits and veggies, resulting in a glass of goodness. The indigestible fiber will stay behind in this process and thus won’t end up in your drink. What this all means is that it will be much easier for our bodies to instantly absorb all these nutrients. Because of this rapid and easy absorption, we can give our digestive system a little break: it doesn’t have to work as hard to process all the fiber.

However, because of the lack of fiber, juicing is not as filling as a smoothie. It’s therefore more suited to drink alongside a meal or as an “in-between” rather than as a meal replacement.

Another fun fact about juicing is that many people, including myself, get a so-called “juice rush” from drinking their freshly pressed juices! It really is such a nice feeling. For me it just feels like an instant boost in energy. I can just feel the healthiness entering my body when I drink a fresh juice. It’s pretty amazing.

One downside of juicing for me, is that it takes quite a lot of time from beginning to end. You have to cut all the veggies and fruits in small enough chunks to put them into your juicer. The juicing process often also takes longer than just blending everything in a blender. But what takes the most time is cleaning the machine and all its parts afterwards. So it’s perhaps not the best choice if you are in a hurry. Unless you decide to order it at a juice bar of course! Then you don’t have to worry about all that. 😉

So now that we know what juicing can do for us, let’s have a look at blending.


A blending technique is used to make smoothies. It’s super quick, as you just have to put everything in the blender, press the button, and you’re done. Everything inside can be consumed. As opposed to juices, smoothies consist of the entire fruits and vegetables including all the fiber and nutrients. For this reason, it’s much more filling and a great choice if you want to refuel your body. An increased intake of fibers also does wonders in terms of regular bathroom breaks! Because smoothies keep you full for longer than juices, it’s a great choice for you if you want to stay away from snacking in between meals.

Smoothies are also excellent meal replacers, as you can use an endless variety of healthy ingredients to make them. Not just fruits and vegetables, but also plant based milk, oats, soy yoghurt, nuts, seeds, spices, nut butters, coconut water, etcetera. The sky is the limit really! You can make it as richly filled as you wish. Or if you like it simple with just 2 or 3 ingredients: go for it! But if you want, you can hit all the food groups in just one smoothie.

I personally love to have a delicious smoothie for breakfast as it keeps me full for hours. I also like to make it when I don’t have time to prepare food and I just need to make something quick, yet healthy and filling. It really is a big time-saver, and super nutritious at the same time. Who would say no to that?

Wrapping up

So just in short again:

JUICING means you are extracting and concentrating the best part of your fruits and veggies (vitamins and minerals) into one booster drink that is very easily absorbed and digested.

And BLENDING means that you use all the goodness of your fruits and veggies, plus a whole lot of other potential ingredients, to make a complete meal in the form of a smoothie that can keep you full for hours.

As most people are struggling to eat enough fruits and veggies each day, both juicing and blending can be fun and innovative ways to help you consume more of them. (However, I do recommend to also still eat your fruits and veggies in solid form whenever you can!)

So which one is better for you? I would say it depends on your goals.

They both have their unique benefits, which is why I personally drink both juices and smoothies. It just depends on the situation and what I’m looking for in that particular moment.

So my advice to you is also: decide per moment what you’re looking for: a quick boost in energy, or perhaps a filling meal replacement? But don’t just stick to one forever. It would be a shame to miss out on the benefits of the other.

And as with everything in life: do it in moderation. Don’t drink juices all day long. Don’t replace every meal with a smoothie. In other words: don’t overdo it. 😉 They are both a great ADDITION to your daily foods, but they shouldn’t replace it altogether.

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